The Hunt for the red raven

The Red Raven: 



The Red Raven is the Mischief Collective's most notorious spy. He has been causing mischief all over the world and recently he played the biggest trick of all, he went to an airport and mixed up all the flight details! The whole airport was at a standstill with no flights going in or out for an entire day! This joke has gone too far and we need to catch him before he strikes again. We don't have much information about the Red Raven but we think with your help we will be able to identify him and maybe figure out where he is going next. 




Go Through your booklet and try to solve the clues in order. When you get to clue #4, use the answer as the password to see the latest update from agent Stealthcat.

Could You See The Video?


Great work. That means you had the right information. Maybe this means we'll be able to get our agents on the ground looking for the Red Raven. We still need more information though if we're going to catch them! 


Where is the RED RAVEN going next? Once you have unlocked all the clues and submitted your evidence to headquarters, use the answer from clue #6 as the password to unlock the video below.

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